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LVR-Archaeological Park Xanten LVR-RömerMuseum

LVR-Archaeological Park Xanten LVR-RömerMuseum

Slightly before the beginning of the era, the Vetera legion camp was built at a strategically important location, opposite the mouth of the Lippe into the Rhine. Incidentally, the Lippe now flows into the Rhine at Wesel and the course of the Rhine was also changed. The Roman city was 1800 metres further west. It was founded in 98 on the site of an earlier settlement of the indigenous population. Emperor Trajan gave the city civil rights and its name. Hence the then name Colonia Ulpia Traiana. The city was laid out like most Roman cities: designed on the drawing board in a grid pattern, surrounded by a high wall with gates and towers. Behind it were residential houses, temples, administrative and bathing buildings, and a large amphitheatre. The city covered 73 hectares and was one of the central cities in the Roman province of Germania Inferior. About 10,000 people of Gallic and Germanic origin lived there. In front of the eastern city wall was a large harbour on a tributary of the Rhine. The harbour extended to before the small harbour gate at the current entrance to the park.

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